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Payment Form

We accept major credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay.

Please reach out with any questions to


Thank you!


Please use the Payment Form to make payments for tournament fees, League fees, etc.


The Kentucky High School Speech League (KHSSL, Inc.) is an official 501c3 charitable organization (designated by the IRS). If you want to donate to the League, please do so by filling out the Payment form and then contribute whatever amount via whichever format you like. 

If you'd like an "official" thank you letter for tax purposes for a donation, please send a quick note to indicating where to send a donation acknowledgement letter. 

And if you'd like to honor a past KHSSL connection with your donation -- your former coach, a pal from your team (maybe show some love to your old duo or debate partner!), a competitor you always thought the world of, etc., please contribute at least $50 and click here to fill out a form to notify the Executive Director. In addition to the official "thank you" letter you'll receive for tax purposes, your honoree(s) will receive a card from KHSSL noting your donation in their honor and with any special note you wish to include. Be sure to fill out the form completely!

Thank you for judging -- 
we mean donating!  
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