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The Kentucky High School Speech League (KHSSL) is a nonprofit organization that encourages all students to participate in academic competition and thereby receive an understanding of and appreciation for worthwhile speech, drama, and debate. We are a recognized 501c3 organization and belong to the NFHS -- the National Federation of High Schools in the Performing Arts and Sports division.


KHSSL enhances and refines students' skills in acting, speaking, listening, and critical thinking, and provides an arena for extracurricular competition in speech, drama, and debate.


Founded in 1920, KHSSL is the oldest high school organization in the state of Kentucky. We are proud not only of the tradition of excellence associated with this organization but also of our continued efforts to promote speech, drama, and debate education in Kentucky schools.


KHSSL is endorsed by the Kentucky State Legislature, the Kentucky Education Association, and the Kentucky Association of School Administrators. KHSSL also belongs to the National Federation of High Schools.

KHSSL is a member of SPEAK (Speech Professional Education Alliance of Kentucky -- and welcomes participation by all students in grades 4-12 from public, private, parochial, and home schools.

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