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The Kentucky High School Speech League has recognized forensic colleagues who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to Kentucky forensics since 1993. The following individuals have excelled in the study, preparation, and/or performance of speech, debate, and dramatic arts in the Commonwealth.
Any KHSSL member may nominate a current or retired individual for this award, which is voted upon by the Board of Directors, and then presented to the recipient during the next State Championship Tournament.
The purpose of the KHSSL Hall of Fame is to honor forensic colleagues who have had a long term commitment to Kentucky forensics through their promotion of excellence in the study, preparation, and/or performance of speech and dramatic arts in the state of Kentucky.
a) At least ten years of forensic service in the state of Kentucky;
b) Significant contributions to KHSSL;
c) A high degree of integrity;
d) Outstanding service above and beyond the call of duty;
e) Willingness to help colleagues;
f) Commitment to speech and dramatic arts education;
g) Dedication to caring for the individual students and their futures; and
h) Retired coaches who meet criteria (a) – (g) may be nominated.

Class of 1993-1994 (Inaugural Class)

Gifford Blyton, Thelma Beeler, Barbara Elliott, Randall Capps, Virginia Massey, Ruby Krider, Harlen Hamm

Class of 1994-1995

Ollie Morgan, David Pike, Denver Sloan

Class of 1995-1996

Margaret Greynolds

Class of 1996-1997

Durrell "Butch" Hamm, Gladys Demarcus, Bess Williams

Class of 1997-1998

Larry England

Class of 1998-1999

Cora Dee Hooks, Fannie Herman Miller

Class of 1999-2000

Ginny Kohl, Linda Webb

Class of 2000-2001

Jim Curry, Garland and Ruth Blair

Class of 2001-2002

Betsy Kidwell, Susan Moore

Class of 2002-2003

Julia Blyton Roberts, Judy Woodring

Class of 2003-2004

Carter Lasure, Gretchen Young

Class of 2004-2005

Stephanie Smith, Jim Combs

Class of 2005-2006

Carol A. Combs, Carol D. Combs

Class of 2006-2007

James J. Fore

Class of 2007-2008

Beth Randolph, Debbi Dean

Class of 2008-2009

Tommy Thompson

Class of 2009-2010

Dustin Combs, Mark Etherton

Class of 2010-2011

Steve Meadows, Sharon Roberts

Class of 2011-2012

Virginia Etherton, Robin Glascock, Margaret Maggard

Class of 2012-2013

Mrs. Bruce Florence, Jill Shoulta

Class of 2013-2014

Terri Branson

Class of 2014-2015

Katy Blair Cecil, Daniel Hamm

Class of 2015-2016

Rosemary Cundiff-Brown

Class of 2016-2017

Michael Robinson

Class of 2017-2018

Martha Emmons, Millie Hughes, Helen Williams Wicker

Class of 2018-2019

Mary Allen, Rachel Page, Molly Seifert, Charles Stamper

Class of 2019-2020


Class of 2020-2021

Jennifer Dunnaway

Class of 2021-2022

Karen Feldhaus, Woody Zorn

Class of 2022-2023


Class of 2023-2024

Neomia Hagans Flores, Connie Hagans

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