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LD/Modest Novice information

Note: At its 6/30/18 Board meeting, the KHSSL Board of Directors decided to extend the LD/Modest Novice debate topic time period through December of each year.

The structure of an LD round is set out here.

Here’s a solid text for How to Do LD Debate.

Lesson Plans for the Modest Topic

Essential to understanding Social Contract ideas is John Locke’s 2nd Treatise on Government.  Here’s a link to a quick summary.

Here’s a good guide to writing cases, written by a former debater.  His guide to strategy is also good.

A model for case structure is here.  A negative case will be the same, only with two contentions rather than three.

A link to the Victory Briefs handbook on the topic, when it was used as the NFL (now NSDA) National topic a few years ago.

Thoreau’s “Resistance to Civil Government” is an essential read/discussion tool for this topic, and it’s accessible to 9th graders.

Judge Napolitano takes a look at natural law and positive law here.

Sample affirmative case here.

A sample Neg case is here.

Here’s an analytical article.

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