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for 12th graders / $1000 each (2 total awarded)



  • These scholarships were initiated by former KHSSL Director Gifford Blyton and were later sustained in his honor by his family members. They are now sustained by two sources:

    • the Shelby Pepper and Elizabeth McCubbin Bale Scholarship Fund, a gift made to encourage public speaking in Kentucky, pays for one of the scholarships.

    • the Institute for Speech and Debate, a summer camp for speech and debate students held in several locations around the country. 

  • These scholarships are up to $1000.00 cash awards presented to KHSSL seniors on the basis of financial need and potential for success at a college or university of their choice.

  • The awards will be made following the student’s first semester at the college or university of the student’s choice.

  • The recipients must have participated in KHSSL activities for at least two years and must be seniors in high school.

  • The scholarships will be awarded to at least two students without regard to race, religion, political affiliation, or physical handicaps. The awards must be used solely for helping students begin their advanced educational careers.

  • Financial need should be a strong consideration for the awarding of these scholarships.



To be considered for a scholarship, a student must complete an application form.


This completed and printed (on actual paper) application, plus two letters of recommendation, must be handed to the State Director at Registration of either the Senior State Speech Tournament or the State Debate Tournament. No rec letters or applications may be emailed; one folder per applicant must be turned in by the beginning of first round of State Debate. Complete application packets may also be snail mailed to the League office, but if they are not there by the day before the State Tournament begins, they won't be eligible -- you're at the mercy of the Post Office. Late or incomplete applications will be ignored. Do not ask to do this another way. This is an honor you are asking for. These are the parameters. 

Coaches should encourage those students who meet the qualifications to apply.


The recipients of these scholarships will be chosen by an impartial panel, and the scholarships will be announced at the State Debate Tournament Awards Ceremony.


A check will be sent to the student's post-secondary institution after the student provides a 1st semester transcript showing successful completion of 1 semester of college. Failure to submit proof of successful completion of 1 semester of college will mean the awardee forfeits his or her Scholarship Award.

(Note – while these guidelines are very similar to the former Blyton Scholarships, they also emphasize the urge for financial need to be considered as well as renaming them for the current funding source – rewritten for the 2021-2022 school year and onward).

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