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100 for 100

in 20 in 2020!

We need you to help us celebrate KHSSL's 100th birthday!!


The organization began a major renewal in 2019 with the hiring of an Executive Director after two years of collective management by the Board of Directors after dismissing the prior Executive Director and leaving University sponsorship.


2019-2020 has been focused on establishing KHSSL as a fully functioning independent non-profit organization in service to Kentucky's students and coaches. And we're celebrating with birthday cake at all three of our State tournaments in 2020! 

We need your support.


Like any good speech, there are three main points why we need your financial contributions between now (2/22/20) and the awards ceremony for our 100th state Debate tournament on March 11. 

  • Our MAIN GOAL is to show possible sponsors and grant-awarding organizations that there is a swelling of support for the Kentucky High School Speech League -- that our current and former students and coaches and parents believe in us so much that we received 100 (or more) contributions in 20 days to celebrate our 100th birthday!

  • We want to reach out to all our KHSSL family and friends, past and present, to let them see what we're up to here in 2020, to say hello and let them help build our future.

  • We have to pay for the cake. :)

Won't you be one of our 100? Whatever amount you can afford will be a welcome donation (and if you think KHSSL really helps you in life, feel free to be really generous). We are a 501c3 organization (recognized by the IRS), meaning your gifts are tax deductible.You'll receive a letter (in late March or early April -- we have State tournaments to get through) if you like acknowledging your contribution for tax write-off purposes. 


                             To donate,

click here!


And we hope you'll keep up with us on this website as well as on Twitter and Facebook. Follow us! 

May the words be with you as 100 (or more) of us celebrate our 100th!

-- Steve Meadows, Executive Director, KHSSL Inc.

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