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Welcome to KHSSL!

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This is the website for the Kentucky High School Speech League -- Kentucky's home for speech and debate competitions, forensics teams, speech coach and debate coach help, news updates for KY 4n6 (forensics), and the Kentucky Regional and State speech and debate tournaments!

May the words be with you!


It's State Tournament time! Check out information on each of our State Tournaments below!

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February 23-24

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Swag on sale at State

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2024 Blyton (the last year for the polar bear variety) would like to invite you to check out the swag available at the 2024 State Tournaments -- click here for a preview!



The fourteen Regional Speech Tournaments (seven Junior seven Senior) were held around Kentucky on February 3. Click here for a list of the top three teams in each Region. Good luck to everyone attending Speech State!

SENIORS (12th grade):

Information about the Bale and Institute for Speech and Debate Scholarships  ($1000 each) is live here. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!

Judge Info
New to Judging Speech?

Step 1:
Follow the instructions here:
Setting up
a Tabroom account

Step 2: 
Open this document.
Judging tips handout

Step 3: 
View this video
(about 30 minutes)

If judging
Async or 
live on Campus online, click here
for tips.

Do you need to complete the Judge Training against Implicit Bias? If so, click here

Click here for a list of all judges

who have completed this training. This list will be updated periodically. Last update 4 February 2024.

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Kentucky Tournament Calendar

Draft 17
published 1/19/2024
click here

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Sign up for Kroger Community Rewards with KHSSL to donate to us from Kroger automatically every time you shop!

1. Browse to and sign in to your digital Kroger account. You might have to create one if you have a card but have never created an account to clip digital coupons or anything.
2. Once you're signed in, click on your name in the right and then My Account.
3. Under My Account, drop down to Community Rewards at the bottom.
4. Click on it and enter the organization to HH189 (or you can just do a search for the Kentucky High School Speech League).
5. Save your choice.

Professional Development


Bring us to your school!

Click here

for the KHSSL Professional Development Course Menu!



The Kentucky High School Speech League is the oldest high school organization in the state of Kentucky. Crafting a community of support, we promote the growth, education, and experiences of educators and students in the Commonwealth in the practice of communication arts. KHSSL enhances and refines students' skills in acting, speaking, listening, and critical thinking by providing an arena for extracurricular competition in speech, drama, and debate.

KHSSL Expectations for Tournament Etiquette and Behavior -- BE CLASSY document


The Kentucky High School Speech League is committed to fostering an inclusive learning environment in which all Kentucky students regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or socioeconomic status receive equitable access and opportunities to learn, engage, express, and excel in speech and debate activities.  We value the unique and shared strengths of the experiences of our members and seek to strengthen the voices of our students by cultivating a strong sense of belonging in a safe, equitable, and inclusive speech community.

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